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The best way to reach us is by car. Public transportation is still very limited in the area, and there are no public buses that will take you all the way to us. The closest town to Celtic Lodge is Castelo de Vide (5.3km), and the closest city is Portalegre (25km). Taxis are available in the Castelo de Vide, but they are usually not on standby and you have to make an advance reservation by phone. Having your own car will give you the most freedom to explore the area. However, we've compiled some alternative transportation options for you below.

Buses. Buses from Lisbon and other destinations are operated by Rede Expressos. There is one daily bus arriving in Castelo de Vide at 19:10 from Lisbon (route 25203) and one leaving Castelo de Vide for Lisbon daily at 08:05 (route 25202). Note that this is a lumbering bus that takes ~4hrs and stops in a lot of towns. More and faster options are available to Portalegre. Tickets are 17-22€. Local buses to/from Portalegre  and other local destinations are operated by Rodoviária do Alentejo, there are a few of these daily on weekdays (depending on the route) but most routes (including Castelo de Vide/Portalegre) do not run on weekends and some holidays.  See below for taxi options. 

Trains. The train station in Castelo de Vide has been closed to service since 2011. There is a railway station in Portalegre with national and international connections. However, the station lies 13 km from Portalegre city center and bus station (27 km from Castelo de Vide), without transit connections. Generally busses offer a more efficient way of getting around.

Taxi. Taxis are available in Castelo de Vide by phone reservation. Options are: Taxis Antral Castelo de Vide (+351 245 901 271), Taxi Sintra do Alentejo (+351 245 901 212), and João Monteiro Vitor (+351 245 905 520). The taxi drive from Castelo de Vide to Celtic Lodge is ~10 minutes. When giving the driver directions it might help to mention "Nave dos Barreiros" (the name of our property) and the host's name (Susanne Anreiter). We are happy to assist with booking if needed.  If you are arriving in Portalegre a taxi drive to Celtic lodge will be ~30min. You can book one of the following options by phone: Praça de táxis do Rossio (+351 245 202 375), Praça de táxis da Rua de Elvas (+351 245 201 380), Praça de táxis da Av. da Liberdade (+351 245 203 842) and Praça de táxis dos Assentos (+245 204 694).  Note that for Taxis in Portalegre you might have to provide GPS details, as they might not know Celtic Lodge by name or address. Taxis might not be metered (or drivers might be tempted to turn off the meter), so make sure to agree to the price before hand. 

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