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We are located within the Serra de São Mamede National park, which offers many hiking trails. Varying in length, these trails are generally easy and will take you through a beautiful and unique landscape, including megathlitic monuments, roman and medieval roads, and the castles of Castelo de Vide and Marvão.


You can find a collection of 39 marked hiking trails here, including the loop trail PR2 CVD ("Percurso da Torrinha"), which passes in front of our cottage. If you're looking for a challenge, you can hike the  PR2 CVD to Castelo de Vide town and from there the PR3 CVD-MRV (Percurso Castelo de Vide - Marvão) trail to Marvão Castle. This is a ~15 km (5-6hrs one-way) hike with some elevation, along rural and natural landscape, with section of medieval paved road. 


We are also happy to provide information on further (unmarked) trails in which you can explore by foot starting from the cottage. 

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